About severedwing

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severedwing LLC was formed and founded by Rob in 2016.

severedwing is built on independence and stability in one’s life. The idea of my signature wing originates from a gift given to me by my parents on my 30th birthday. It also served as the main focus in my story severedwing. It represents the growth, immaturity, patience, and pushing through! Simultaneously, the silver wing stands for the strength needed to overcome life’s great challenges. I like to relate my signature wing as the point where one segment of our lives transition into another, therefore having all new factors. This moment could be the next great phase of life, if we allow it.

“Common sense claims that it takes two wings to fly, but it takes faith, love, and patience to find peace in one’s life.”

Wear my custom sterling silver wing on a piece of our jewlery, but wear the second in your heart.


“Keep the heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life”

Prvbs 4:23.

During the course of our life, we sometimes lose our way and become distracted by the world around us… Add our severed skull in remembrance of the times you have overcome failure, it is a symbol of the strength used in overcoming and pushing through. Unfortunate experiences happen but when we overcome, we are victorious!

Everyone wants success. In an effort to accomplish it, we need to learn from our failures in order to advance in a positive direction. This is what severedwing represents. Our jewelry is a sign of strength, endurance, balance and love which make it a perfect gift!! Give severedwing jewelry to your family, friends or simply choose a style that reflects your heart!


-Jen Dillilio for her time and dedication to helping to create the foundation which brought severedwing to what it is today“

-I want to extend a special thank you to Jonathan Silva for his help in the designing of ours silver charms !!

-Thomas Synnamon for his outstanding photography. Their contributions were imperative in bringing severedwing to life!”